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HELIX develops and sells original products utilized the water plasma characteristics, Water Plasma Hazardous Substance Treatment Device, and performs maintenance and consumables replacement.

Water Plasma System Engineering

Suitable Substance List of Water Plasma Treatment

HELIX water plasma hazardous substance treatment device

Research and Development

Since we handle the water plasma generation device as advanced technology, we carry out research and development activities constantly for technological innovation.

We currently use fossil fuels as the main energy source. However, we aim to build a new system to reduce the load on the global environment by using hydrogen generated from water plasma devices.

Research into such treatment technologies involves the aspects of developing advanced technologies and handling dangerous substances, so we need to conduct research and development incorporation with research institutes, such as the government and universities.
Besides, we need to prove the decomposition, we not only collect data by ourselves but ask third parties such as research institutes to measure the data for verification.

Currently, we are conducting research and development with Professor Takayuki Watanabe (Doctor of Engineering) of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University.

Joint Project -Antonio Inoki Lab-

Mr. Antonio Inoki has traveled the world during his career as a famous Professional Wrestler and Politician. He has undertaken various initiatives to help solve diverse world problems, especially paying close to the environment.

When he watched our HELIX technology on a TV program, he was impressed by the ability to process hazardous waste without any burden on the environment and has proposed starting a joint project with us to help him achieve his goal.

The main goal, initially, is the realization of a positive impact on the hazardous and/or flame-resistant waste treatment in Japan.

As a further step to the overseas markets, also we are working to materialize a project in the Philippines, with the possible support from the Philippines Government organization.

“Antonio Inoki Lab (laboratory)” is our in-vehicle water plasma device. The message on the truck body is saying: ‘Rise from adversity! Cleanse Our Earth!!’

Patents & Design

              (Patents & Design pending)

[Company Philosophy]

With the mission of "Leaving a Beautiful Earth for Future Generations", Helix aims to provide products and services which embody "wisdom-based, action-based and logic-based", while contributing to global environmental conservation, and human development and evolution.

All the hazardous wastes and harmful compound chemicals such as industrial, medical, and nuclear waste that have been scattering the world have been environmental issues. Therefore, the immediate countermeasure detoxification must take as soon as possible.

In particular, Japan needs to finally resolve the nuclear facility issue after the Great East Japan Earthquake in the years and decades ahead.

However, specific measures have not yet been established to address the contaminated water issue, which is a major problem. In the 21st century, “Scientific advances”, “Economic growth” and “Environmental conservation" need to be realized at the same time, rather than the rapid economic growth which we experienced after the war.

We should consider industrial wastes as a cost. As a direct result of not having earnestly faced this cost, now it has become a critical problem for all humankind. Under these circumstances, we are confident that our water plasma hazardous substance treatment device must become today’s most required item. We believe that we can provide distinct advantages in terms of quantity, quality, and price, which had been a waste treatment problem in the past. In this way, HELIX established a company that can achieve business growth while solving environmental issues inherited to the twenty-first century.

[Company History]

1988 Invented a water plasma generation device.
2004 Applied for a patent for the low-level radioactive ion-exchange resin disposal method with Associate Professor Watanabe (currently Professor of the Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University).
2005 Institute of Initiated co-development with Tokyo Institute of Technology and production of demonstration vehicle for in-vehicle water plasma generation device.
2008 Acquired a patent for the in-vehicle water plasma harmful waste treatment device.
2011 Established the company and started the development and production of the prototype vehicle.
May 2014 Started of demonstration experiments at the laboratory of Professor Watanabe of the Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University.
Nov 2014 Introduced our developed device and technology (water plasma) on a TV program called Yume no Tobira plus (Dream-Door plus) produced by TBS Japan.
Sep 2015 Started development and manufacture of commercial/practical vehicles.
Apr 2016 Started to prepare for treatment demonstration tests for asbestos, manure and contaminated soils.
Aug 2017 Launched of difficult-to-treat waste oil experiment.
Sep 2017 Introduced our company on the BS Japan TV program, Mirai EYES (Future EYES)
Jan 2018 Accepted to join the 153rd Committee on Plasma Materials Science of JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science).
Jan 2018 Restructured capital for future business expansion. JPY 1 million as the amount of capital/ JPY 94 million as capital surplus.
Dec 2018 Announced collaborative research results by Professor Watanabe Laboratory (Kyushu University) at 35th annual meeting of The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research(JSPF).
Dec 2018 Published by Professor Watanabe Laboratory (Kyushu University) about HLEIX in-vehicle water plasma device in the journal “OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.12(2018)”.
Jan 2019 Published by Professor Watanabe Laboratory (Kyushu University) about HLEIX in-vehicle water plasma device in the journal “Plasma and Fusion Research Vol. 95 (2019)”.
Feb 2020  Mr. Antonio Inoki Announces the Philippines Joint Venture with us at his Commemoration Party.

[Company Profile]

Company name : Helix Co., Ltd
Head Office       : 5-20-11, Ishikawa, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa, 252-0815, Japan
MAIL                :
TEL                  : +81-466-90-4200 (Main)
FAX                  : +81-466-90-4201

Date of establishment : September 28, 2011


Hirofumi YAGUCHI
Toshihiro SHIMA
Hideaki SAKUMA
Chairman & Representative Director/(CTO)
President & Representative Director/(CEO&CFO)
Executive Officer

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